The TAP Lobby Art Gallery Welcomes Guest Artist

Kirsten Christianson

February 8 – March 13


Kirsten Christianson has been a studio artist for the past 30 years. Her work has an environmental theme, expressed in natural materials combined with handmade paper. She has a small business, Telemark Papers in Algoma, WI, where she lives.  

 She explored handmade paper first on her own and then by taking workshops and interning at Dieu Donne Press in New York City. Her work can be seen in public collections around the country, and is represented by Woodwalk Gallery in Door County. She is also an educator and does Artist-in Education residencies in public and private schools throughout the state. She studied fine art at UW-Milwaukee, received her master’s degree in Fine Arts in sculpture, and has taught at the college level.

Kirsten’s work is reflective of the place where she lives along Lake Michigan. It often speaks of water. A Great Blue Heron fishes quietly in the shallows along the Ahnapee River – Kirsten draws upon experiences like this for ideas. The cattails that line the river banks, and other natural plants, become materials for making paper. She loves to work sculpturally with handmade paper, branches and driftwood to create free standing art. She also loves to create small paper pieces with ferns and pressed plants embedded into the paper. These she frames. Water Lilies have been an enduring theme “painted” in handmade paper and presented framed as a tryptic.


In the artist’s words:

I am a papermaker because I love pulling a sheet of paper out of a vat of paper pulp.  This sheet of paper can open the doors to so many possibilities. Handmade paper can be cast and molded and shaped  to take the form like many of the things I see in Nature –pods and stones, tree branches and leaves.  Paper can be a “glue” that connects and holds grasses, leaves  branches and small stones.  Out of most plants and tree bark comes paper.  Making paper is a wealth of exploring and experimenting.