TAP Lobby Art Gallery welcomes

Stephanie Trenchard

July 27 – September 2

An exhibition of Stephanie Trenchard’s oil paintings will be in the TAP Lobby Art Gallery from July 27 through September 2. Ms. Trenchard’s use of color and light makes the art exhibit a perfect compliment for the show CANDIDE (running in the theatre at the same time). 


Stephanie Trenchard works out of the Wisconsin studio that she shares with husband, Jeremy Popelka. An oil painter as well as a glass artist, Trenchard holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from Illinois State University. Her work has won numerous awards and is in many prestigious collections. In addition to teaching in her studio, she has taught workshops at Pratt Fine Art Center, University of Wisconsin, The Studio, and others.


In the artist’s words…


“In my cast sculptures I enlist collective imagery, rendered in a direct simple style encased within solid glass, to tell stories. These stories are drawn from memories or impressions, sometimes my own, other times other artists’ biographical information”.  


“The sculpted pieces are encased in sand cast glass forms. The cast pieces are assembled in different sections, often stacked or nestled together and, on occasion, can be reconfigured. A successful work is technically sound as well as lyrical in the combining of images.  Also, the combination of images must express ideas of the story of the piece. The best pieces have multiple ways of reading the story”. 


You may bid on work by Stephanie Trenchard as part of the live fine art auction at the Celebrate TAP annual gala fundraising event on August 14. 920.256.0404.