The TAP Lobby Art Gallery Welcomes Guest Artist

Mary White

May 17 – June 4

Mary White was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University, she moved to New Jersey where she met her husband, actor Mark Moede.  They moved to Jacksonport, Wisconsin where they now live. Ms. White’s paintings can be seen at Plum Bottom Pottery & Gallery located on Plum Bottom Road just south of Egg Harbor. 
In the artist’s words…
Un Hommage `Å Daisy  (A Tribute To Daisy)
2002-April 7 2017
This collection of paintings were created from January to May 2017. They are a tribute to my dog.  Daisy was all things good like flowers and cherries and stars. She was born in Michigan. Somehow, she made it to Door County and into our hearts when she was five. Three years ago her back legs stopped working.  Car rides took the place of our daily walks. We called them “business trips” because she would sit in the back seat looking very business like. We travelled all around Door County taking in the sights. The scenery stayed in my mind and then onto the canvas.  
In addition to these inspirations, my research into the “Velvet Gentleman”, Erik Satie, gave me more ideas. I discovered the sheet music of his musical compositions. Painting and music share so many things. There are patterns, rhythms, flow, and contrast. The same musical notes can be arranged in an infinite number of ways to create different and unique pieces. Painting is the same way. I chose a finite group of images, trees, flowers, stars, water and clouds to include in my paintings. I am able to use these elements over and over to create one of a kind paintings.
The one piece that is not a painting is a nod to Mr. Satie.


The TAP Lobby Art Gallery Welcomes Guest Artist 

Ginnie Cappaert

June 28 – July 22 

Ginnie Cappaert is a full time visual artist with a summer studio in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin and a winter studio in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Her surroundings of nature and her travels inspire and influence her oil/mixed media paintings on paper or wood panel.

Ginnie has taken many workshops by various artists, but it is her intense studying of art history and just ‘experimenting’ that have broadened her personal techniques to art making.  She works in oil and mixed media layering, adding and removing, many layers to each piece.  It is this in-depth process that let’s subtle markings and layers emerge into the finished painting which is an abstracted minimalist version of a landscape.  A few of her influences include Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Agnes Martin and many others.

Peace. Serenity. Joy.  Is what she would like to accomplish in her painting.

In the artist’s words, “Art is made from the soul.  I feel that a day is not complete without something ‘artfully’ done! 

It is the landscape imagery and its deep space that I explore in my work by building up 30-40 layers of oil paints and mixed mediums.  I apply very thin layers of oil paint to the wood board adding texture, scraping the paint, dissolving areas and then rebuilding them as I construct the painting.  The removing process is as important as the layering.  This ‘surface tension’ eventually is transformed into a peaceful, subtle mix of texture and natural colors.  I strive to accomplish a feeling of serenity not only as I paint, but for the viewer as well.

My local surroundings as well as distant trips continue to inspire my artwork.  You may see an influence of my travels to Italy, France Portugal, Spain, New Zealand and Ireland as well as my inspiring trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico AND of course my local surroundings in Wisconsin and Michigan.  Skies, vast lands, colors and the light also inspire me and I am thankful for the beauty around me and the ability to transform it into my art.”

Ginnie Cappaert’s can be seen at