Unconventional Love Story at TAP

Third Avenue Playhouse welcomes TAP favorites Claire Morkin and Alan Kopischke to the cast of DEAR ELIZABETH for a staged reading of the play by Sarah Ruhl on Friday, February 17 at 7:30. DEAR ELIZABETH makes up the second in a series of eight evenings celebrating play writing as part of TAP’s annual WINTER PLAY READING FESTIVAL, February 15 through February 26.
First produced at Yale Repertory Theatre in November of 2012, DEAR ELIZABETH has had subsequent performances at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and the Women’s Project Theater in New York City. TAP’s reading of DEAR ELIZABETH is directed by Paulette Laufer.
The poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell were great friends, writing over eight hundred pages of letters to one other. According to the playwright’s website, the idea for drawing the letters together as part of a play came to Sarah Ruhl when she was on bed-rest, pregnant with twins. A friend gave Ruhl a book of the two poets’ letters to each other. Sarah Ruhl was hooked. She relates, “I already had a long-standing obsession with Elizabeth Bishop; my obsession with Lowell and their friendship now began. I could not put the letters down. I hungered to hear them read aloud; I particularly longed to hear letter number 157 read out loud. Number 157 is Lowell’s most confessional letter to Bishop, and I think, one of the most beautiful love letters ever written.”
Extend your Valentine’s day through Friday, February 17, by going to Third Avenue Playhouse to see DEAR ELIZABETH, “…a tale of unconventional friendship and intimacy that spanned thirty years and more than 400 letters, with postmarks from Maine to Key West, from London to South America.” (Women’s Project Theater)
DEAR ELIZABETH is the second in a series of eight days of celebrating play writing in TAP’s WINTER PLAY READING FESTIVAL. Take in a new play every day from February 16-19 and February 23-26, Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:00. Pay-what-you-can at the door.