Will Durst

WILL DURST (Writer, Comedian for people who read or know someone who does): Busier than a blind squirrel neck-deep in an almond sorting warehouse, Durst writes a nationally syndicated weekly column, daily website jokes, voices radio commentaries yet manages to find time to perform 100s of shows a year at theaters, clubs, corporate events and benefits all over the country. A regular guest on NPR, MSNBC and Fox News, he’s received 5 Emmy nominations and 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year. His 800+ global television appearances include HBO, The Today Show, Letterman, CNN’s Inside Politics, Good Morning America, Showtime, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, CBS Morning News, the BBC, CBC, Greek, Scottish, French and Australian TV. And radio, don’t get me started. Lots. He even spent a year co-hosting a San Francisco morning radio show with former Mayor Willie Brown. The first comic invited to perform at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Durst has told jokes in 14 countries and blogged the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Course the past 4 years. Hobbies include the never-ending search for the perfect cheeseburger while his heroes remain the same from when he was twelve: Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny.


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